When graduation rolls around, you want to celebrate this achievement in style. The problem is, most graduation cakes are very similar. Generic graduation cakes all include a cap, a scroll and “Congratulations”. While a cake like that will taste fine, it won’t be memorable. You are going to want to remember your graduation celebration because it is an important milestone in your life! Instead of going with a typical design, pick something unique! There are so many routes that you can take when ordering your graduation cake. The possibilities are virtually endless!

If you are going off to college, there are a few things to consider before ordering a cake. Is the college logo visually appealing? If so, you should have that on your cake somewhere! You are headed there next, so why not celebrate this next step in your life as well? Does your college have a fun mascot that could be incorporated? Does your college have any fun traditions that are unique to the school? (Ex. The Aggie Ring) What are you majoring in and can that be incorporated into the design in a fun way?

If you are graduating from college, where are you headed next? What ideas can you come up with that include this next chapter of your life? Try to tie in your job offer, your graduate school acceptance or your plans to travel the world for a year. Let your guests know what you plan to do next with your cake design!

Your cake designer can make you just about anything! Write down a list of ideas and take your list with you when you talk to your cake designer to see if they can help make your graduation cake dreams into a reality!