When deciding on a wedding cake design, it is best to keep your wedding theme in mind. You can use your wedding cake to bring in tasteful details from your theme to complete your overall wedding experience. Depending on your theme, there are many design routes that you can take with your wedding cake. You can keep it simple, and only add slight touches, or you can dive in head-first to your theme. So, what details should you consider when you are beginning to design your cake? 

For a rustic theme, you have plenty of options for elegant, design touches that are cohesive with your theme. Cakes that follow to ta rustic theme are often decorated in buttercream, because fondant is considered to be a bit too clean. Buttercream cakes have grooves and imperfections that give the cake a more rustic feel. Buttercream is soft and can be textured with certain techniques. Added adornments such as flowers and foliage can complete the overall look. The color scheme possibilities are endless with rustic themed cakes, because you can choose to have a neutral base and include your colors in the additional decorations. 

We offer a wide range of design options, one of which being rustic cakes. If you are interested in discussing your cake ideas, contact us today! At Cakes by Gina, we will walk you through our consultation and cake design processes and can help you design the perfect rustic cake for your wedding.