Having a groom's cake is a popular wedding trend--but where did this trend come from? The tradition of groom's cakes stems from when wedding favors were simply a slice of cake. This meant that most couples would have to order two types of cake; one to display, and one to slice and wrap up as favors. Some couples started to wonder why the second cake had to be hidden in the back instead of on display! If you are going to order an entire second cake, shouldn't it be fun and on display as well? Thus the tradition of the groom's cake was born! 

Groom's cakes are special because they highlight the interests and personality of the groom- which is something that can be lost in a traditional wedding cake design. Groom's cakes can be personalized to fit the groom's personality in many different ways. These cakes can be designed to include the groom's favorite sports teams, hobbies, food, drinks, pets, etc. The possibilities are endless!

We offer a wide range of design options, one of which being groom's cakes. If you are interested in discussing design ideas for your groom's cake, contact us today! At Cakes By Gina, we will walk you through our cake design and consultation processes and can help you design the perfect groom's cake for your wedding.