Your cake consultation will be an important step when planning your event.  This should be an enjoyable experience, and it shouldn't feel like work! You will be tasting cake and talking about your event. What's more fun than that? You should expect the following at your Cakes By Gina consultation:
When you arrive, a friendly receptionist will greet you and escort you to a design station. Here, you will be able to look through photos to get a better idea of what you would like for your cake design. One of our team members will promptly bring you a beverage and your cake designer will be with you shortly. At this time, you will go over your event details, but you will not talk about the cake design just yet! The fun part comes first--picking cake flavors! 
Your designer will help you select several cake flavor and filling options to taste. The team will put together a sampling plate for you, while you discuss your design ideas. Once your sample plate arrives, your cake designer will walk you through the items on your plate. Our team members will check on you to refill your beverage and get you anything else you may need. 
While you are tasting the delicious cake options on your plate, you will continue to discuss your design ideas. Your designer will begin to sketch your cake out on her notepad. Now, you will discuss the shape, number of servings, tiers, and other cake details. Once you decide on your cake's flavor(s), your designer will show you the sketch, as well as an estimated price for your cake. 
If you decide that the design and flavors are to your liking, it will be time to pay a deposit for your cake. This guarantees that your cake will be set for the day of your event. If your date is far enough in the future, you will have the option to make changes to your original cake plan. Our staff is more than happy to answer any of your questions. We would love to walk you through any necessary changes--no matter how close it is to your event date. 
Contact us today if you need a cake for your next event!