Your wedding theme is an important thing to keep in mind when designing your cake. Before your wedding cake consultation with your cake designer, think about your theme in a broad sense. What details can you include in your cake so that it is cohesive with your event? There are several ways  that you can accomplish your cake design. You can have a cake with a minimalist base and small design touches to tie it in or you can go completely over the top! It is completely up to you!

For a glam theme, the design possibilities are endless. Glam cakes are typically pretty elaborate. Cake decor on glam cakes are complex and have plenty of detail. Your glam wedding cake can have any adornments you want to include: metalic elements, jewels, ribbons, feathers, flowers, etc. There is no end to the options you have when designing your cake. Glam cakes usually use mostly fondant decor, but buttercream can be used if you prefer it. Your options may be more limited if you use buttercream, but your cake designer can give you all of the options at your cake consultation. 

We offer a wide range of design options, one of which being glam wedding cakes. If you are interested in discussing your design ideas, contact us today! At Cakes By Gina, we will walk you through our consultation and cake design process and can help you design the perfect cake for your glam wedding!