Photo Credit: Tracy Eason Photography


When designing a cake that includes a floral element, you have to decide if you want real or edible flowers on your cake. Each option adds a little something extra to your cake, but you definitely have to decide what is more important; edible or design. Real flowers are beautiful and elegant, but they aren't always the best option when designing a cake. 

You may have a specific theme in mind, but the flowers you are envisioning may not be edible. Even though, 9 times out of 10, your cake will be removed out of site so that the catering staff can cut and serve your cake, make sure to ask your cake designer about using flowers that don' thave any negative side effects if the flowers, or the chemicals used to preserve the flowers, are consumed. If the flowers you want to use aren't edible, there's another option for you-- edible wafer paper flowers!

Wafer paper is a rice-based edible paper that is safe for consumption. Wafer paper is often used by many cake designers in many cake designing techniques, including forming edible flowers. The wafer paper can be colored to give the wafer flowers a more realistic look. While they are not going to be an exact match, wafer flowers come very close to the real thing. 

Having edible decorations is important, so ask your cake designer about their edible flower options! They can help you decide what will work best with your cake design. If you want to see what we can do with wafer paper, set up your Cakes By Gina consultation today!